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Euros Tips Package

Looking for profitable betting tips for the upcoming Euros and Copa America? Look no further! I’ll be sharing my bets exclusively for you in my Euros and Copa America betting package. Interested to know more? Have a read of this for more details!

Hi! My name’s Neel and I’ve made my living as a professional gambler for the past 4 years, in between stints in the betting industry and in the murky world of betting syndicates.

I’ve written for some of the biggest betting sites in the industry, including Pinnacle and ‘We Love Betting’ and featured on several betting podcasts.

You can find more details of the projects and clients I’ve had on my about me page.

Over the years, I’ve found a successful niche specialising in big football tournaments as well as horse racing and golf.

My Results

In January and February, I took on the challenge of tipping for the African Cup of Nations and the Asian Cup.

Here were the results:
If you’d followed both tournaments you could have made over £3700 at £100 a point stakes!

But if that sounds a bit rich to you, don’t worry, because even small £20 stakes would have made you an overall profit of £741.20.

At least half of the bets were available on the betting exchanges and the others were available at bet365 among others. So even if you have restricted bookmaker accounts, there will still be plenty of volume to make it worth your while!


"It's rare to find someone as honest and professional as Neel in the tipping world, and his record on major footballing tournaments is brilliant! If you're looking for betting tips or opinions on Euros 2024, he'd be a wonderful addition to your portfolio."

- Alex Vella
Founder of Smart Betting Club, award winning website for profitable bettors
"I've huge respect, admiration and appreciation for Neel and his service. His betting knowledge is unparalleled and his eye for value is unquestionable - I'm a long-term follower (and fan boy) and would wholeheartedly recommend Neel's service."

- Mark O'Haire
Founder of award winning 'We Love Betting' and resident expert on Betfair and Matchbook podcasts
"As always, Neel. I trust your integrity - one of the (very) few tipsters I trust - on the basis of results and transparency."

- Judy
Former member of NS Bets
"I have not hesitated to sign up to Neel's Euro tips based on his previous analysis of other major football tournaments. I was very impressed with his rationale and attention to detail and although a profit can never be guaranteed, I am confident that his background in football trading will reward subscribers."

- Jonny Grossmark
Lead Data Analyst and TradeonSports
"I've known Neel for a number of years now and although I am a full time professional within the gambling arena we all have our niches mine is horse racing, Neel has fast become my go to person when it comes to the football markets. Neel is fully able to exploit the less obvious football markets, identifying value bets on things that would just never occur to me and is a great addition to my betting portfolio."

- Holly
Professional Sports Bettor and former member of NS Bets
"Having had the pleasure of working with Neel on several projects in the past, I can put him forward as a man of real integrity, authenticity and with a clear understanding of the betting world and how to make a profit from it. Neel joined me on a double podcast special in 2022 about bookmaker surveillance and it would be clear to anyone listening to those episodes just how informed and knowledgeable he is on his chosen subject. Having also met Neel in person, I can confirm he is as likeable in person as he is via email, twitter and at the other end of a podcast interview. I wish him the very best of luck with his Euro 2024 service."

- Pete Ling
Founder of Smart Betting Club, award winning website for profitable bettors
"I've had the pleasure of knowing Neel for three years, and I've always been impressed by his deep passion and knowledge for European football. When he told me about his new betting tipping service for the upcoming championships, I had no doubt it would be something special. Neel has an incredible ability to analyze matches, identify trends, and make well-informed predictions. His dedication to researching teams, players, and strategies shines through in every tip he provides. What sets him apart is not just his expertise, but also his integrity and transparency. He's always honest about the risks involved in betting and never promises miracles. I've followed his tips closely during previous tournaments, and I've been consistently impressed by the results. His meticulous approach and attention to detail have helped me make more informed betting decisions, and I've seen my winnings increase as a result. If you're looking for reliable, data-driven betting tips for the European football championships, I wholeheartedly recommend Neel and his tipping service."

- Kieran G
Former members of NS Bets

Euros and Copa America Betting Tips

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Don’t just take my word for it though. My former tipping service was reviewed by Goal Profits who had the following to say:

"It was clear to us that Neel knows his stuff. He was always happy to go into more detail about his thinking behind selections and the service offered much more than just a regular tips service."
I’ve learned a great deal in that time and took some of the feedback on board. My own betting activity is quite frenetic and I bet on a number of sports. You can see my track record on everything here

At the time of writing (Early May), here are the records for all my own bets going back 3 years.
However, I’ll be pausing my other betting pursuits and will be fully focused on the Euros and Copa America tournaments and devoting all my time to providing the best tips for both myself and all my members.

I know that people love a booming bet slip, but I make no illusions that you will have winning and losing bets in the service. People will also be staking different amounts (but I assign points values to each bet so you can manage this with your own bankroll). Still here are a few examples of winning bets that I had advised that members wanted to share with me:

So what do you get for the ‘NS Bets Euros’ package?

In January and February, I took on the challenge of tipping for the African Cup of Nations and the Asian Cup. Here were the results:

✅ Fully researched betting tips on the Euros and Copa America using my own tested models, information from contacts and monitoring of the betting markets

✅ Pre match bets sent well in advance when possible, giving you maximum time to get your bets on

✅ Easily accessible bets via the telegram app so you can make bets on the move or on the sly when you’re supposed to be working!

✅ Advised minimum odds to take if the odds change or the preferred bookmaker is not available

✅ Write ups of my thoughts on some of the bets, which will give you some insights into creating some of your own bet builders or other angles

✅ A lively and friendly community group where members can exchange ideas, celebrate wins and commiserate on any narrow misses, as well as ask me any questions about my process
Live trading streams where members can ask me questions and follow trades along live and see how I research my bets

✅ Advice on prolonging account life and avoiding restrictions

While I can’t guarantee you a profit in this Euros, I can tell you I’ve made almost 3000 bets over the past 3 years to a steady profit and made a profit in the last 5 tournaments, I’ll be betting on every selection personally and I’m optimistic we can have a great tournament, make a lot of cash and have some fun along the way!

Euros and Copa America Betting Tips

I confirm that I am over 18 years of age.
I confirm that I am not self excluded from any bookmakers. We support Safer Gambling
No spam pledge: We'll never rent, misuse or abuse your email address. See our Privacy Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although I think this is great value for the content you’ll be receiving, I also understand if this might be too expensive for some people and appreciate you reading up to this point. 

I will be offering my ante-post selections for free, so do sign up to the blog mailing list as I will be sharing any podcast appearances or articles that I write prior to the tournament or in between.

They won’t be sharing all of the bets that my members will receive but I’m still confident they’ll be profitable and hope you can still make some money along the way.

Q. How do I receive the betting tips?

A. Once you’ve signed up to the service, full instructions will be sent on how to access the tips. You will need the telegram betting app to receive the tips and you can access this via your smartphone or pc. Bet alerts will be sent on the telegram platform and an alert will sound when a bet comes through. These can also be turned off if you are busy at the time but don’t forget to switch them back on. It’s a very simple app to use but I’ll be on hand to assist you with setting up telegram if you need it.

Here is an example of a tip from the Asian Cup and how it would look:

I use screenshots of the actual betslip or from oddschecker to save time and so it’s clear for everyone to read.

The £1 in the box tells you how many points to bet on this selection. If you are unfamiliar with betting banks and point systems, this will be explained further in the article.

The Min 3.0 shows the minimum odds I would recommend taking. I always share this with any tips because prices might change or you might not have access to the bookmaker I have posted. This enables as many people to place the bet as possible.

Here is another example:

For some bets, I will post up detailed write ups. However, some are in play selections or time sensitive so it won’t always be practical to do this, but the member’s community group is a place to ask questions, share ideas on any potential bets you are looking at or to understand my reasoning for a given selection. 

Q. What is the recommended starting bank?

A. As much as possible is one answer! However, I would recommend a 40 point bank for the Euros. So if you had £1000 available to bet with, you would split this into £20 a point values. The 50 points should be more than enough to cover both any outright bets before the tournament starts and working capital in its duration. If you are planning to bet on the Copa America as well, I would add another 20-25 points to the bank dedicated to this. Based on all the previous tournaments I have covered, a £200 starting bank would have been enough to cover the fees for the service and make a profit but I wouldn’t want to promise that this time and you may not think it worth the time or effort unless this is more of a learning exercise. I would personally say a minimum starting bank of £500 is recommended.

Q. Do you only post standout odds?

A. There will occasionally be bets that the odds are too good to be true and not available on any other bookmakers, but these will never be posted as official bets or recorded as such. All official bets will have a choice of at least 3 bookmakers offering that market and a minimum price to take. Where markets are available on the exchange this will also be taken into consideration. Similarly if the price on a bet I have posted shortens quickly after sending, I will also strike this from the record. I would like my service to be about honesty and transparency. I would like my points profits total to be as high as possible, of course, but I am very much against gaming the system and padding the stats and I am not a fan of tipsters who do that. 

Q. I don’t have access to many betting accounts or have been restricted, would I still be able to bet on your selections?

A. I endeavour to provide at least 50% of all my bets to be available on the betfair exchange which does not restrict customers. Many of the bets are also on bet365 which is the most popular bookmaker that customers have access to. However, if you are unable to access a bet365 account and wanted some advice around this, please get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to provide some potential solutions.

Q. How much time will I have to get on the tips and what kind of times are they sent?

A. This will vary depending on the games and the stage of the tournament. I aim to send tips out as early as possible when lines are released to give you ample time to bet on. However, there are some exceptions to this. Live in-play bets are by their nature fast moving but will not make up the majority of bets. If I am watching a game and spot something I will share it but there will still be plenty of pre match volume you can take at a convenient time for you. Sometimes there will also be value closer to the game, for example if a team has injury news or the markets have shifted to create a position that wasn’t available before, but for the most part you will have at least a day before the game to place your bets, which should be ample time for most members. Times of day for sending bets will also vary. The schedule will be very hectic so I will post once I have priced something. It could be at any time of day, but as above, you should still have time to place the bet when convenient for you.

Q. How do I know those testimonials aren’t just fake and written by yourself?

A. The truth is you don’t! But I’d be happy to share details of previous members who can give you an honest assessment of my previous service and their thoughts on it.

Q. Why did you close your old service if it was that good? And why would you share your tips with me if you have that edge already?

A. It’s a fair question and there are many reasons. The main reason for closing my old service was a lack of time to build it and other commitments in my life. I have a busy family life and carer responsibilities and was also working a full time job doing nights. As such, my health did suffer and I wanted to rethink how I could offer something in the future. I’m very dedicated to the groups I run and want to make sure every customer has a positive experience and at the very least can’t fault my efforts. My idea was to specialise in tournaments and provide a service for those and continue to bet privately for the rest of the year. In regards to why I would share my tips with you, it’s a great question. I could say that it’s because I like helping people (which is true) but you and I would both know that it’s not just about that. I did give out lots of tips for free in the past and will do again. I make my living from betting but of course this becomes more challenging as you become more successful and banks can get a little ‘funny’ about it, as well as the tax man. By providing a betting service and from writing articles for various sites, it provides me with a taxable income that helps pay my national insurance, keep my credit score healthy and put something back into the economy! And besides, I will be betting on everything I post out to my group and would be trying my very best to secure a profit anyway. There is enough liquidity in the markets that my bets won’t affect the prices and so why not share them, make a little extra income on the side and everybody wins? I think that’s fair enough right?

Q. What if I sign up and I decide it’s not for me? Do you offer a refund?

A. Of course I hope that isn’t the case and would be sorry to see you go, but I can offer a full refund if requested up to the 18th of June. The reason for that is that it would be the end of the first round of matches for the Euros group stage and I think is a fair cut off point to see the kind of bets I am putting out and whether they suit you. Unfortunately I would not be able to process any refunds beyond this point.

Euros and Copa America Betting Tips

I confirm that I am over 18 years of age.
I confirm that I am not self excluded from any bookmakers. We support Safer Gambling
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